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Cape Cod Aesthetics and MediSpa offers a myriad of facials to make your skin glow. Let that inner beauty shine! See our add-on list to customize your facial experience!

Deluxe Eye Treatment

Transform tired eyes into rejuvenation Bright eyes with this revitalizing combination of brightening dark circles, reducing the appearance for wrinkles and puffiness. Great add on to any service!


Deep Cleanse Facial

A customized facial to restore your skin optimal potential. This facial is on a mission to achieve complextion "pore"fection! Combines a skin type specific cleansing, exfoliation, facial steam for 15 minutes while receiving neck and shoulder massage, 10 minute face manipulation massage to boost collagen and blood flow, individual masque for your skin type while enjoying arm and hand massage, tone, moisturize, protect


Back Facial

Healthy skin isn't just for your face, but your back too! Cleanse and relax with a deep clean and 30 min back massage. Great for special event preparation!


Acne-Away Facial

A personalized skin consultation, analysis, and recommendations for developing skin care and health habits that will encourage your skin to be blemish free. Extractions and a germicidal direct high frequency treatment are performed during this service


Brow and Lashes

**Lash Lift and Tint: A great alternative to lash extensions! Creating an uplifting curl to your natural lashes that lasts for 5-8 weeks**

$100 (without tint $65)

**Brow Wax and Tint

After waxing and shaping, a unique tint is applied to enhance your brow shape and fill out small gaps in your brows**


**Lash Tint

Applying blue black lash tint to your lashes to enhance your existing lashes to make them pop!**



Brow Clean Up Waxing - $18.00

Brow Shaping & Waxing - $21.00

Upper Lip Waxing - $14.00

Chin - $12

Eyebrow & Upper Lip Waxing - $25.00


Brow, Upper Lip & Chin Waxing - $35.00


Below are a list of our add on services! Customize your facial for the best MediSpa experience! Mix and match and try something new with each visit!

Enzyme Resurfacing Peel

Papaya enzymes are a non-abrasive yet very effective way to eat away dead skin cells and create soft fresh skin


Vitamin C

Targets texture, elasticity, firmness, fights against free radical damage to create a vibrant glow



Rough away dead skin cells to create a silky smooth finish" (meant for more oily/thick skin)


Collagen Plumping & Parrafin

Firming, hydrating, while the parrafin protective later really let's the collagen soak in


High Frequency Stimulation


Different probe heads used for specific needs. Mushroom- germicidal/antibacterial. Spoon- for penetrating serum for optimal hydration


Reflexology, Accupressure & Lymphatics

Hand and or foot reflexology


Facial accupressure-

pressure point massage for relief of tension and headaches


Lymphatic drainage

specific massage for detoxifying the body


What our customers are saying

Alexa has done wonders for my face! I've been going to her for years! So excited she joined Cape Cod Aesthetics!

Corey Andrews-Client